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January 2017

Work-in-Space News 23rd January 2017

Work-in-Space is looking for a sales manager to work on this exciting new productKNM Media publishers of Work-in-Space are looking for that special in[more]

March 2024

Work-in-Space News 26th March 2024

Streamlined Environmental Licensing and Sustainable Data for Spaceport Success     For the last five years, Ruth Fain, head of advisory f[more]

Work-in-Space News 18th March 2024

Startical Selects Nanoavionics and Gomspace Satellites to Carry Out the Concept Trials of its Constellation, That Will Take Air Traffic Control to Spa[more]

June 2021

Work-in-Space News 29th June 2021

Silicon Sensing showcases new, space-focused inertial measurement products at Space-Com Silicon Sensing Systems is exhibiting inertial measurement te[more]

October 2020

Work-in-Space News 3rd October 2020

Northrop Grumman Successfully Launches 14th Cargo Delivery Mission to the International Space Station    Northrop Grumman successfully lau[more]

May 2019

Work-in-Space News 30th May 2019

ROCC will control Rover surface operations as it searches for signs of past or present life   The ExoMars 2020 Rover Operations Control Center [more]

Work-in-Space News 30th May 2019

Airbus has signed a contract with Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications, to design, manufacture and build the first in [more]

January 2019

Work-in-Space News 15th January 2019

NATO Deploys Globalstar’s IoT Satellite Technology for Oceanography Research   Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned [more]

November 2017

Work-in-Space News 22nd November 2017

SES and ESA Set Up New Government Satcom Platform   SES leads a European consortium of industry partners to sign an agreement with the European[more]

July 2017

Work-in-Space News 6th July 2017

BepiColombo - a four in one satellite to uncover Mercury´s mysteries In a 6.4-metre stack, the spacecraft is undergoing final testing in flight[more]

June 2017

Work-in-Space News 14th June 2017

First ten satellites in the Iridium NEXT constellation, built by Thales Alenia Space, now validated in orbit. The second batch of satellites ready for[more]

Work-in-Space News 14th June 2017

Airbus celebrates 10 years of precision and reliability of TerraSAR-X satellite   Designed to operate for five years, Airbus’s Synthetic [more]

April 2017

Work-in-Space News 4th April 2017

New Satellite to Enhance Communications Capabilities for Canadian Armed Forces Representatives from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Department of[more]

March 2017

Work-in-Space News 31st March 2017

Airbus-built satellite SES-10 successfully launched   Satellite to replace and provide additional capacity for TV, enterprise and mobility serv[more]

Work-in-Space News 15th March 2017

Airbus ships first high-power all-electric EUTELSAT 172B satellite to Kourou for Eutelsat   EUTELSAT 172B, the first high power all-electric te[more]

Work-in-Space News 9th March 2017

Velconet selects EUTELSAT 115 West B to provide broadband across the Southern Cone   Velconet SA, an Argentinian telecommunications company spe[more]

Work-in-Space News 8th March 2017

Intelsat General becomes Airbus channel partner for military satellite communications   Airbus Defence and Space has signed Intelsat General to[more]

Work-in-Space News 7th March 2017

Arianespace’s ninth flight with the lightweight launcher delivered Europe’s Sentinel-2B Earth observation satellite to orbit tonight durin[more]

Work-in-Space News 3rd March 2017

SPACECOM’S AMOS-7 communication satellite begins operations at 4°w ‘hot-spot’   Spacecom has announced that the AMOS-7 co[more]

February 2017

Work-in-Space News 22nd February 2017

Geoscience Australia, an Australian agency and Lockheed Martin have entered into a collaborative research project to show how augmenting signals from [more]

Work-in-Space News 15th February 2017

Airbus-built SKY Brasil-1 satellite successfully launched by Ariane 5    SKY Brasil-1, a telecommunications satellite made by Airbus Def[more]

Work-in-Space News 15th February 2017

Telkom 3S communication satellite built by Thales Alenia Space has been successfully launched The Telkom 3S telecommunications satellite built by T[more]

Work-in-Space News 14th February 2017

Three Thales Alenia Space telecom satellites ready at Europe’s Spaceport SGDC for Brazil, Koreasat 7 for South Korea and Telkom 3S for Indonesi[more]

Work-in-Space News 9th February 2017

UK Government launches £10 million scheme to incentivise the commercial spaceflight market   Grants worth £10 million are being mad[more]

Work-in-Space News 9th February 2017

Enabling small-satellite launches and sub-orbital flights from the UK.   We intend to publish a draft spaceflight bill later this month, dedica[more]

Work-in-Space News 8th February 2017

Satellites are fueled and ready to go for Arianespace’s first Ariane 5 mission of 2017   The two telecommunications satellites for Ariane[more]

Work-in-Space News 7th February 2017

e2v delivers first Euclid flight hardwaree2v has developed a new Charge Coupled Device (CCD) imaging sensor for the space telescope and the first four[more]

Work-in-Space News 2nd February 2017

Wind satellite heads for final testingThe road to realising ESA’s Aeolus mission may have been long and bumpy, but developing novel space techno[more]

Work-in-Space News 1st February 2017

HISPASAT 36W-1 Put in Orbit With the New Generation Digital Payload Redsat Led by Thales Alenia Space Spain   The Hispasat 36W-1 satellite of t[more]

Work-in-Space News 1st February 2017

UK Space Agency funds satellite solutions for developing countries 26 January 2017 – The UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Prog[more]

Work-in-Space News 1st February 2017

SES have announced today that MX1 and ASTRA, the largest European Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite system, have extended their contracts with Disco[more]

January 2017

Work-in-Space News 27th January 2017

Raytheon completes factory acceptance testing of flight operations system for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope   Raytheon completed factory ac[more]

Work-in-Space News 26th January 2017

Tim Peake officially opens Airbus Foundation Discovery Space in Stevenage   British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake has officially op[more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

NTU successfully launches its 7th satellite into space   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has successfully launched [more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

Iridium Announces Successful First Launch of Iridium NEXT Satellites     Iridium Communications has announced the successful launch o[more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

Masdar Institute signs MoU with Thales / Thales Alenia Space and MINES ParisTech to Develop Applications for Innovative Airship Masdar Institute of S[more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

The two telecommunications satellites for Arianespace’s first Ariane 5 liftoff of 2017 are undergoing checkout at the Spaceport in preparation f[more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

Airbus provides satellite communications for the French administration Airbus Defence and Space has just been awarded a contract to supply satellite [more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

Airbus Defence and Space: First European-built all-electric satellite EUTELSAT 172B getting ready to fly Construction of EUTELSAT 172B, the first hig[more]

Work-in-Space News 24th January 2017

Airbus Defence and Space delivers propulsion test module for the Orion programme to NASA Mid-January 2017 Airbus Defence and Space delivered to NASA [more]

Work-in-Space News

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