Space Advisory Company (SCS-Space)

Space Advisory Company


Space Advisory Company (SCS-Space) delivers program management and systems engineering services for multifaceted space hardware development and satellite system acquisition programs. We recognize that effective program management and execution combined with key in-house systems engineering and technical capability leads to accelerated and cost effective program implementation, improved quality and reliability, optimized utilization and revenue return. This will be achieved in a framework of effective global collaboration.


Given the strength and experience of Space Advisory Company's four-tier structure comprising of Program Development and Management, Systems Engineering and Functional Area Specialists, combined with established relationships with major role players locally and abroad, we are ideally situated to understand, define and assist with management of space acquisition projects in its entirety. Taking into consideration our advisory role, we can source best of class solutions from various suppliers, ensuring unbiased and optimized program execution.


Space Advisory Company establishes each program to be customer centric. Program Management and Systems Engineering processes are defined and managed to suit the customers' needs, quality requirements and financial constraints. Client participation from the program management level down to realization and system calibration is encouraged, along with appropriate levels of technology transfer and infrastructure establishment. Space Advisory Company will always strive to make your satellite program more valuable.


Space Advisory Company focuses on adding value to existing and new programs by providing responsive optimized support for the mission, programmatic, technical and, in particular, commercialisation efforts. Best in class suppliers and contractors are selected for satellite system procurement and implementation. Outcomes include satellite capacity, human capital development and technology establishment and a solid base for the commercialisation of space infrastructure.


Space Advisory Company builds on the following pillars to ensure its continued success:

  • Space Program knowledge and experience
  • Program management experience in high-tech, advanced international programs
  • Space systems engineering experience
  • Access to broad technology specialist base
  • Strong reputation in the market
  • Continuous development and maintenance of core competences
  • Maximum value addition to client endeavours

Space Advisory Company is an equal opportunity, privately owned organization, which operates vendor independently to enable clear and objective advice and support to its clients.


Space Advisory Company provides the following space-related services and products:

  • Mission analysis, design, optimisation studies and advice for small-satellite programmes
  • Program management
  • Systems engineering
    • Mission design
    • Optimisation studies
    • Technical advice in any phase of satellite programmes
    • System engineering process tailoring, implementation and support
    • Design reviews as impartial evaluator
    • Key supplier technical management
  • Functional area engineering
  • Design support
  • Launch support
  • Deployment support

Good standing and respect within the local and international space community are fostered and applied carefully to the benefit of each program and client.



Space Advisory Company's in-house competence combined with its capacity leveraging supplier networks excels at:

  • Achieving customer objectives
  • Project management
  • Space systems engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Quality Assurance management
  • Electro-optical and Image Processing systems
  • ADCS systems
  • Mechanical design and aerospace structural analysis
  • Synthetic aperture radar systems


Contact Information:

Smuts Louw

+27 83 653 4864

 Postal address: P.O. Box 12037, Die Boord, 7613, Stellenbosch, South Africa


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Space Advisory Company (SCS-Space)

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